Wealth Manager's Role

During the past 20 years, things have changed in the world of financial services. Investors have shifted away from relying on stockbrokers to make their investment decisions. Though equity and insurance brokers certainly provided access to a variety of great products, they were salesmen looking for commissions on trades and offering advice only secondarily. The client who needed advice regarding taxation, for instance, had to consult a CPA. And when somebody needed help planning for retirement, many stockbrokers struggled to assist.

As investment products have become increasingly complex and investor needs have expanded, clients have turned from brokers to financial professionals. Individuals who used to pay for products and get guidance for free now pay for guidance while still getting best-of-class products. Because we believe that the trend toward guidance conforms to our client-first philosophy, we offer ourselves to you as wealth consultants.

Wealth management is about replacing products with process. Instead of picking the hottest stocks, we rely on a strict investment methodology to ensure that our clients' portfolios are aligned with their best interests. Instead of trying to sell a particular life insurance policy, we assess your personal goals and needs before considering what sort of insurance might be appropriate. Instead of turning you away when you ask us to develop a college plan, we embrace you. Wealth management is a process-driven strategy that provides total professional services.

Independence lies at the core of wealth management. With no obligation to sell a particular product, we suggest the best-suited product. Knowing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to personal finance, we strive to find the proper solutions for you. Our services range from coordinating an estate plan to managing risk, from one income distribution planning to business succession planning. We have partnered with accountants and attorneys to provide solutions to all of your financial needs, and we promote our clients, not a product.

As a process-driven, independent wealth manager, we seek to provide invaluable financial guidance to high-net-worth individuals with complex planning needs. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Our strategy is wealth management.